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Studio line: 0031 70 7370507


Studio line: 0031 70 7370507

Today, computer is becoming an indispensable a part of our everyday life. By using the pc, you can efficiently finish our jobs, for instance to create a work schedule, a biding document, a design drawing, or perhaps to edit a video. And that we also store and transmit those data via internet or various storage devices, including the flash memories, removable hard drive, HDD, CD/DVD, Sdcard and so forth.

LetЎЇs look into the encryption principle first. At present, the AES256 can be a widely accepted symmetric encryption algorithm, and it is also a authorities standard. It translates the plaintext and save it into digital gibberish, with the correct password, additionally, it may process in reverse to bring back an original data. ThatЎЇs to say, the encrypted file is simply pile of meaningless messy codes without correct password.

With regards to authority settings, it is really an efficient answer to data security by setting the access authority for users. By way of example, we might hide the files/ file folders/ HDDs, lock the files/ file folders/ HDDs, deny modification from the files/ file folders/ HDDs, prohibit copy from the files/ file folders/ HDDs, protect files or file folders from being deleted etc. An individual must input the appropriate password to get into the files/ file folders/ HDDs.When we are certainly not with your PC, this authority setting can effectively protect our data from being exposed.

idoo file Encryption tool can certainly set the user authority gain access to files/ file folders/ HDDs, including deny copy, deny read, deny modification, hide files/ file folders/ HDDs etc. Meanwhile, additionally, it may encrypt and shred files to secure data.

idoo File Encryption provides the function to monitor the usage of operating system and files, and this also enables us to keep an eye on our PC whenever any where. We could set the alarm to warn us by sending us a message immediately once illegal users tries to access the files, and that we could take some quick measures to reduce the hazards. The alarm is additionally available as soon as the wrong password is entered by specific times, which we could set manually, and on top of that, the login will be temporarily banned for 10 minutes all at once.